Factors That Affect The Cost Of Tree Trimming


Trimming trees is very important to maintain the health and visual appeal of your plants. House and commercial landscaping can be expensive, and if you are not maintaining the trees, the price of landscaping will double. Plants can be very expensive, however, only those plants are worth their price and are maintained properly.

Many homeowners look forward to getting their trees trimmed by professionals. For instance, if you live in Prescott Valley, AZ then hiring professional tree trimming Prescott Valley, AZ is a better choice than DIY projects. Before hiring professionals, you should know what factors will decide the price of the whole trimming process. Here is what you should know.

1. The Size Of The Trees

The size of a tree that you want to get trimmed decides the total price of the job. For instance, if you have large trees in your backyard reaching heights of 30 to 50 feet require technical expertise. Moreover, the arborist will require the proper equipment to do the job safely. Therefore, it will be an expensive job.

However, if you have small to medium trees in your house, around 10 to 30 feet tall do not require expensive and specialized equipment. Therefore, they can be trimmed for lower prices.

2. Type Of The Plant

The type of the plant or the plant species that you want to get trimmed or cropped will also influence the total price for the job. Some species are very difficult to trim because of their nature, therefore, they will be expensive.

For example, oak and palm trees are expensive to trim whereas myrtle crepes are comparatively cheaper. Moreover, if the plants are difficult to trim because of their location, such as intersections with power lines, it will cost more.

3. Number Of Trees To Trim

The more trees, the higher the price will be. For instance, if you live in Broussard LA and you are looking forward to land clearing Broussard LA, then it will cost you more than trimming a few trees.

However, you should also know that not all trees will be the same. When you are getting different trees trimmed at the same time, their cost will vary depending on their type, height, and difficulty level.

4. Permission Costs

You should know that when you are trimming trees, even in your home, you need to have a permit from the local authorities. Every residential area is managed by a housing authority that oversees the maintenance and safety of all the houses and residents.

Tree trimming can be a noisy job and it can impact your neighbors as well. Therefore, your arborist will need a permit. Therefore, you should keep in mind the permit cost as well.

5. Labor Costs

Lastly, no arborist or professional tree trimmer will do the job for free. They will charge you a percentage of the labor cost.

You can negotiate on the labor cost, however, it is also one of the factors that decide the total price of the project. You can choose the right arborist while considering their labor cost.


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