How To Roll A Blunt: Easy Step-By-Step Guide


The blunt is one of the most enjoyable and affordable ways to smoke marijuana. Read on to find out more about the cigarillo wraps and compare them to other smoking methods. You can also learn how to roll a perfect blunt.

How To Roll A Sharp: A Step By Step Guide

  1. Grind cannabis. Getting the right coarseness for your herb is crucial to rolling the perfect blunt. Use your grinder to grind your cannabis into a medium-fine grind.
  2. Prepare the blunt wrap. If the cigar has tobacco still inside, carefully cut it lengthwise. You can also sprinkle 1-2 grams of ground tobacco on your herb if you want to smoke it as a spliff.
  3. Add some moisture. Blunt paper is usually crisp and dry. By slightly moistening the leaf, it will become more flexible and pliable and less likely to tear.
  4. Fill the wrapper. Shape your flat wrapper in a “V”, or half-cylinder, so that it can hold your herbs. Distribute your ground cannabis evenly over the wrapper. Now is the perfect time to increase the strength of your blunt.
  5. Roll your blunt. After filling the blunt, you are ready to roll it! Begin by shaping and squeezing the blunt using two fingers, starting at the mouth end.

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